Antie Ruth's Kitchen

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Founded on the principles of faith, family, and fellowship, this kitchen brings the sentiment of sensational southern soul food that touches you at the core of your heart. The owner serves as a Pastor, philanthropist, community activist, and hails from the low country of Charleston, South Carolina. The vision of Antie Ruth’s Kitchen is to capture the essential ingredient of communal love that was passed down from his mother’s kitchen. A “geech” to the core took the hot pots, rice, gumbo and goulash and gave it a warm hospitality flavor in the South Dade community. His mother, Antie Ruth known for her warm hospitable spirit embodied a flavor for her food that always made her table a gathering point for people seeking advice, comfort, strength, and prayer. The chicken from her table provided cheerful Christian consolation. The cornbread alone would calm anyone down with contagious comfort. The beans were always blessed, the collard greens and cabbage were always slow cooked to the point of gratitude. The peas were seasoned with praise. The yams deserved a “Yes Lord!” The red rice was right and nice. The meatloaf was miraculous whether smothered in onions and mushrooms or flavored with a hint of tomato sauce. The ribs were righteous, the fish fantastic, the okra soup was outrageously superb, lima beans so good if you know what I mean, while the corn and string beans came straight from the heart. So, gather the family for lunch and call your friends over for dinner. Invite them to the “Kitchen” where there is always a seat at the table to enjoy food that is so good that it touches your soul!